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Warframe: Buzdovan - Tenno Flail Weapon Design

Initializing artist's comments...

A Tenno faction flail/mace melee weapon design created for the Warframe design contest due on March 30th, 2017.

The Buzdovan utilizes the "whip" stance as a flail. Alternatively it may be a hybrid weapon that also can be equipped with a "Hammer" stance and used as a traditional Kanabo.
The studded head changes physical appearance based on modding more of either Impact, Puncture, or Slash damage that give it a reinforced status. Reinforced Impact damage grants slower attack speed with powerful knock-back effects with a larger slam attack radius with knock-back. Reinforced Puncture increases Critical Damage, attack speed and strips armor permanently from enemies. Reinforced Slash increases status chance to 100% Bleed proc with increased proc damage over time.

When sheathed, the chain inside the body of the weapon is coiled around the ring at the bottom which is visible on the sides.

Progress Sketches

Progress Sketches