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We consider ourselves a multi-media visual artist specializing in the visual arts. We are looking to ever expend our art skills database in search of the perfect aesthetically pleasing statement. We specialize in traditional visual pieces of art such as paintings, drawings, illustrations, for profession or for enjoyment. We are flexible and always looking to try something new in terms of style, technique, purpose, etc. We are currently expanding into the art realm of 3D work, such as modeling, and possible game design. We best work with fantasy designs in general, from weapons, to characters, to creatures, to posters, graphics, logo design, tattoo design, and much more. We have been working as a commissioning artist for the past several years up until this point with freelancing personal clients.

There simply isn't enough time in the day to create everything we wish to.

We also have some select Prints available for purchase here:_


DrawingDigital PaintingIllustrationTraditional ArtPaintingCharacter DesignCreature DesignConcept DesignGraphic DesignTypographyVehicle Modeling

Software proficiency

PaintTool SAI
PaintTool SAI


  • Concept Artist and Designer at Digital Extremes
    December 2016 - Present

    Concept artists and Designer for the Warframe video game by Digital Extremes. We design and designed characters, weaponry, cosmetics, and fashion.

  • Commissioning Freelancer at Self Employment
    January 2005 - January 2016

    We have been working as a freelancing, commissioning artist of various mediums and purposes for personal, paying clients. This includes illustrations, character designs, graphic designs, logo design, and tattoo design.

  • 3D Texture Painter and Matte Painter at Bunker 1
    March 2015 - July 2015

    Worked as a part-time texture painter and matte painter on a commissioned 3D cinematic trailer.

  • Community Content/Concept Creator at Digital Extremes
    August 2013 - January 2015

    We created and submitted initially fan-generated concept art that has been accepted by the development team and implemented as official in-game content in the game, "Warframe," between 2013 and 2014. This includes the Zephyr concept Warframe, and the Riot Moa enemy unit. [This title has been given by DE's Community Manager.]