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Warframe Workshop: Incubus Loki set Collaboration - Skin, Helmet, and Syndana w/ Syncrasis

Introducing the Incubus Loki skin and helmet pack, collaboration with Syncrasis a.k.a. Kaz.
Syncrasis is responsible for:_ Alternate Helmet design and sculpt, body sculpting.
Liger Inuzuka is responsible for:_ Skin concept art design, and texture painter, tint-masking.

Pack includes: 1 Loki fully tinted skin, including tint-able metal. 1 matching Alt-Helm. Both skin and helmet are compatible with other Loki cosmetics.

Syndana Add-on by Liger Inuzuka, model fully tinted, modeled, and textured.

Liger inuzuka presentation

Incubus Loki Helmet & Skin (Collaboration)

Incubus Ribbon Syndana

Liger inuzuka presentation 1
Liger inuzuka presentation 2
Liger inuzuka presentation 3
Liger inuzuka presentation

Fashion Cosmetic

Liger inuzuka 2
Liger inuzuka 1
Liger inuzuka syn concept

Concept Art

Liger inuzuka screen shot 01 11 17 at 08 26 pm

Concept Art_Back Pass

Liger inuzuka screen shot 01 11 17 at 08 26 pm 001

Concept Art_Arm Pass

Liger inuzuka syn concept legs

Concept Art_Leg Pass